Monday, April 7, 2008

Featurette From The Cloverfield DVD.

This one is all about the Cloverfield monster with some great bits of the "news" footage.

Edit: But it has been removed too. Gotta be quick I guess.


Susan said...

Edward... I love you.. REALLY!!
That was fraking awesome!
Wow, it's really got me thinking now about Neville's point of view of his creation and how I viewed The Fugliest Thing Ever.. it scared the crap out of me but omg he was totally coming at it from the creature's point of view. I mean I have read about the whole lost baby angle but to watch the clips and hear and watch JJ and Neville comment on it REALLY gives me that whole other view..
except it's still a fraking scary fraking huge baby!!

Edward said...

Yeah, the monster grows on you.

What I like about this featurette is the clips of the news footage. I found them very compelling during the movie, and in retrospect think that particular perspective would be a great one for the sequel. Similar to the way the vast majority of us witnessed 9/11, flipping from news channel to news channel from our couches (i.e. the media is the new God's eye view).

Susan said...

Oh truer words have never been spoken.

Nick said...

Thanks so much for posting that clip. Very cool.

When I heard about the 'baby' angle, I kept thinking about that scene in Central Park where he's staring down at Hud. I can imagine a new kitten or puppy, or even a human baby just big enough to walk, looking down at a frog. It's fascinated, and maybe it stomps on it but doesn't really understand it's hurting it. Or, like a kitten would, it bites a cricket, but doesn't really want to eat it.