Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Comments Published On T.I.D.O. Wave

I'm not sure at what point Tidowave stopped publishing the comments to the newest posts to the blog, but it's safe to say that no comments in response to the majority of the posts on the main page were ever published, until now. Go have a look, and happy hunting.

Edit: After further review, there are two comments of interest based on the dates they were posted. The logic being, no one has bothered to comment on any Tidowave post for some time, but these people posted recently as if they knew those comments were going to be published. They are the last two comments in response to the last Tidowave post: Horns down:

04/01/08 8:36 am
I was here. I care.
Im sorry.

04/02/08 2:46 pm
Where are these “fearless, brave warriors” I heard about? No one answers my calls. No one answers their doors. My brother is still out there somewhere and you guys couldn’t care less about him. Some friends you are. If it wasn’t for your freakish, cult mind-games he’d still be here with me. This is all your fault!!! You cowards! I hope you’re all rotting away somewhere!