Saturday, April 5, 2008

Cloverfield Files Forum

I've not really made a point of pushing the forum here, but with the advent of Cloverfield Files I'm going to take a stab at breathing some life into them. What I've done is set up a forum specifically for Cloverfield Files. I've called it Cloverfield Files.

I've started a thread with a few links to reports on the rumored The forum software is quite superior to other forums in that there are a variety of views, including threaded and flat. For any of you who have slogged through the monster threads in flat view only forums, I don't have to tell you how useful the threaded view can be.

Also, if you notice, recent posts to the forum are shown here in the upper right hand corner of the blog. That means, if you take the time to register and post in the forum here, your forum post will enjoy greater exposure than if you buried it in some other forum.

So that's the pitch. I believe the forum I've set up is technically superior to other Cloverfield forums. It would just work better when it comes to the type of puzzling Cloverfield has involved. Cloverfield Files suggests to me that we're possibly on the cusp a new round puzzles. If that's your cup of tea, please give the forum a test run.