Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Cloverfield Clues Unearths Hidden Supplemental Files On The Cloverfield DVD

Read his report on the mysterious Chapter 17, titled #USGX-8810-B467 SUPPLEMENTAL FILES.

From Clue's description, the chapter appears to be a government record of the online ARG. Clues has found 3 of the 9 files listed. They are a list of the Chuai Station Videos, Jamie and Teddy Videos, and a screen shot of Slusho.jp. If that pattern holds, the other files should reference Tagruato.jp, Tidowave.com, 1-18-08.com and the character's Myspace pages--which makes 7. That leaves 2 which could contain anything from reference to the Cloverfield Manga to Vernon MacDooble or Dr. Abe to something which we never found? Clue's also speculates that the files may have been accidentally left on the DVD and/or that they may portend the content of CloverfieldFiles.com.