Friday, March 28, 2008

Slusho! Update¿

Update: The sword thingamajig has been changed to black. Perhaps a PM trying to help us figure it out with a clue?

Clues reports on the addition of a sword something-or-other to the main and contest pages on the Slusho site. Reading through the comments and the thread in Unfiction, it could be anything from the number 9 to a Clover fetus. Personally, it suggests to me a more subtle version of Tidowave's hack of Tagruato. But then I'm also reminded of the fact that of all the Cloverfield viral websites, Slusho was by far the most frustrating and ultimately just a fruitless long and winding dead-end. Also, Slusho is by no means exclusive to the Cloverfield Universe, so the "update" could just as likely be related to its inclusion into yet another Bad Robot project such as Abrams' Fringe.


Guilherme said...
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Edward said...

guilherme: The login for jamieandteddy is "jllovesth".

I came accross a similar idea to yours and tried logging in with a few likely variations of the number on the back of the missing poster, but it didn't work and I figured it was unlikely. There are a few web developers involved and I suspect a change like that wouldn't have gone unnoticed.

For a list of all the places the sword symbol has been found, see the label: Sword Symbol.

As for Fringe, I agree. Back when I reported on this, was the only one with the symbol. As soon as it started appearing on the other Cloverfield sites, the Fringe speculation was effectively muted.