Wednesday, January 9, 2008

To Hell With Tagruato!

The nerve, the gall, the audacity of Ganu Yoshida's (Tagruato's) slander and insults to the truth reached new heights today with the following statement posted on their website:

Unfortunately, last week was a dark time for Tagruato, this company I love so dearly. I tried to contain the event for the sake of police investigation but now it is the time to come clean and tell our story to the world.

Our newest and brightest oil rigging development, Chuai Station, was attacked by a terrorist environment group called Tidowave. They released a series of explosions on the station, causing the loss of life and bringing the rig down into its knees. Tagruato has faced threats from this group for many years and has, with the help of our friends in the police forces, fought off many prior attacks. This blow, however, was too strong to miss us...
Don't you love how they try to disguise a failed cover up as an attempt to help "police" in their investigation. And even if you're gullible enough to muscle that down, whose "police" are we talking about? Tagruato's uniformed mercenaries if at all. We've all seen the images of Chuai Station disaster, and nowhere is there even a hint of an explosion. In fact, the very lack of an apparent cause is half the story.

The one truth that can be gleaned from Tagruato's increasingly desperate attempts to shift blame to our comrades at T.I.D.O. Wave is that they'll resort to any length to try and hide what truly took place at Chuai Station. Such utter desperation is frightening in its implications. A corporate made disaster the likes of which threatens to ruin a giant like Tagruato would have to be on a scale that has never before been visited on mankind.


Anonymous said...

American-they never looking for oil-they tracking "it". Beware it may be too late. WB

gainax vol.2 said...

Orale!! pues apoyo a T.I.D.O para medidas extremas, abajo Tagruato, viva tido.