Friday, January 18, 2008

Reading Between The T.I.D.O. Waves

Recent T.I.D.O. blog entries have bemused and beguiled. While there is no evidence that T.I.D.O. is an eco-terrorists group, there is an unmistakable clandestine air about them. Recent blog entries have included such curiosities as "...we’re going to find out - even if we have to go all the way to the top!!!," "I don’t know how people keep falling for Tagruato’s constant deception….maybe it’s Ganu….maybe everything lies with him?" and "Horns down. If we go quiet, it won’t be permanent. May the great mother protect her servants in their greatest time of need. She guides our hands."

Trying to interpret these blog entries has been a true challenge. However, we at The Effect are nothing if not vigilant. And it is that very vigilance that leads us to believe T.I.D.O. is in fact responsible for the New York "ambush" of Tagruato Corporation's C.E.O. Ganu Yoshida. Here is how Tagruato spins the incident.

Ganu Fights Off Attackers

Tagruato is proud to report that Ganu Yoshida, sustaining no injuries from his recent attack, is continuing his trip as scheduled. "They tried to hold down my hands," smiled Yoshida at today's BevVo press conference, "But I can still point to the stars."

Yoshida was ambushed yesterday afternoon by a radical gang as he left a important restaurant. The group was barely able to restrain Yoshida and pour a liquid over his head before Yoshida fought back, scattering the gang in all directions. Tagruato security officials believe these may be the same attackers who caused the Chuai Station incident weeks prior.

Yoshida remains in high spirits despite the incident and assures his loyalists that the stunt will not affect Slusho!'s assimilation into America. "I should really thank the criminals," chuckled Yoshida, "Because of them, I had to postpone a meeting. Now I can extend my stay in New York. I look forward to seeing more of this wonderful city."

When asked if he feared further attacks from the radicals, who reportedly escaped after running from Yoshida's power, he responded, "No. I have nothing more to worry about from them."
But Tagruato does not go out of their way to publicize embarrassing incidents unless there is a pressing need to counter and confuse the truth. So right off the bat we know that there is more to this story. It is also worth noting that Tagruato uses this incident to again point the finger at T.I.D.O. Wave for their Chuai Station disaster. Yet how is it that a group supposedly capable to taking human life and causing an environmental disaster as a means to their ends would follow that act of supposed terrorism up with a harmless attempt to pour liquid over the head of the man whose evil they are fighting? If anything, the tameness of T.I.D.O. Wave's ambush of Ganu Yoshida is proof that they were not behind the Chuai Station disaster.

But back to T.I.D.O. Wave's blog entries. It is possible, even likely, that getting Ganu Yoshida wet was not the goal of the operation? Perhaps the liquid element of the ambush was nothing more than a diversion while T.I.D.O. spirited off with something of Ganu Yoshida's, something he was carrying/keeping on his person. We all know Tagruato is keeping damning secrets. Perhaps T.I.D.O. Wave finally discovered where they are hiding them.

We'll be watching T.I.D.O. Wave and the internets extra close over the next hours, days and weeks.


Derek said...

have you checked the TIDO wave site today?

Anonymous said...

There's nothing new qith it, why Derek?