Friday, November 30, 2007

Disturbing Reports

The Effect receives many communiqués regarding Tagruato's nefarious enterprises. While we remain vigilant in pouring over each and every one of the reports we receive, the vast majority prove impossible to corroborate, and so we are left to stand on principle and not report on them. However, The Effect is currently in receipt of information that is both urgent in nature and, quite frankly, alarming in both what it suggests and in the method by which it was communicated to us. Given the critical importance of this information, we've done everything humanly possible to verify its authenticity. And it is with some authority that we have reached the conclusion that the information warrants public scrutiny. Therefore, while we cannot share the method by which we acquired this information out of concern for the safety of the person(s) who provided it, we can and will share with you the whistle blower's message.

American, The Chuai station hides a dark secret. Good people are going missing.


Nick said...

That's a pretty strange message. What government agencies would have authority to inspect the station? Has anyone heard if the US was taking action? Does anyone have connections with the Greenpeace org? Maybe one of their ships are in the area and could observe.


Anonymous said...

The Whistle Blower's already commented on your site:

Tag fan said...

Kids, meddling in that which they fail to understand. Does the lunatic environmental fringe pretend to even remotely understand the sceince behind Tagruato's work and behind Slusho! No. They simply ignore the benefits to all humans that Slusho! provides. You blow whistles on corporate accidents? How absurd. True corporate demons reside in your own backyard yet you ignore them and try to defuse a situation that does not exist but in your heads.

Tag fan said...

Ha! Can't reveal your source. Your own blog comments? Sheesh. Tagruato deals with you types all of the time, rest assured the proper safety and environmental precautions are taken. Ganu is a great man, look no further than you're own politicians for the corruption you seek. Ganu seeks to help the world, you're country seeks to destroy it.

Eddy said...

@Tag fan: First, let me assure you that our source's (not the blog commenter btw) identity and methods are safe with us.

As for understanding the science, if only we were given the opportunity. Perhaps you could petition Tagruato for the science on our behalf and we can scrutinize it together. Until then, please try and appreciate that Tagruato can't hide behind the science it is hiding, and its advocates (you) deliver Tagruato's propaganda a blow every time you bring up the science, since getting our hands on the science is one of the The Effects and its allies primary objectives.

The Whistle Blower said...

As promised, further communications...


So we've drafted a supplement to your broadly defines and expands in more detail what is "confidential." Nobody will be able to say, "Well, I didn't know that was a secret..." We're very serious about protecting our interests. We'd like you to sign it.

And if I don't?

If we "arrive" at the conclusion you're acting in bad faith? We would terminate, right now, payouts under your severance package. You and your family's medical benefits. And initiate litigation against you, Mr. Ichigawa.

Dr. Ichigawa.

Dr. Ichigawa...after you've examined the document, you will see it is in your own best interest and you'll sign it.

So, what you are saying is: it isn't enough that you fired me. For no good reason! Now you question my integrity? On top of the humiliation of being fired? You threaten me?! You threaten my family?! It never crossed my mind not to honor my agreement. But I will tell you, Mr. Yoshida, and Tagruato, too... Screw me? Well, screw you!!


I'm not sure he got the message...

Oh, I think he did.


More soon...


cube60659 said...

wow ....ownd

Zeldafreak178 said...

hmmmm, i wonder whats gonna happen when whistler blower continues it