Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Chuai: The Great Lie

Disturbing missives continue to slip out from underneath Tagruato's clawed grasp. A gentleman with as much concern about Tagruato's nefarious business practises as we have has contacted the wider community about a communique he received from a whistleblower within Tagruato itself.

The communique is a scan of a fiscally-orientated document bearing a scrawled message - that Chuai, the controversial new drilling location, is not there for the oil. There is no oil. The .pdf file has already undergone translation and is available as a .jpg here

Rest assured, while our voice is quiet, it is heard. The Cause still does not stand alone. If measures can be brought to bear to help this whistleblower, we'll take that stand. Meanwhile, friends, be vigilant.