Thursday, November 29, 2007

Tagruato Satellite Launch - Another Example of Reckless Activity by Ganu Yoshida?

Tagruato Corp has recently published an article on their website, championing their latest frivolous toy - a geostationary satellite that they have recently launched into space. Not content with controlling and exploiting our oceans, our homeless animals and our elderly, they are seemingly driven to have a monopoly on our natural resources and our very lives. The shadowy secrecy surrounding this satellite means that their motives for constructing such a device, which seems arbitrary, given their focus on destroying our oceans' ecosystems, could be endless, ranging from monitoring the general public from the sky to ruthlessly attempting to locate profit-turning minerals (as exhibited by their latest attempts to exploit the third-world country of Tanzania's mineral deposits, masquerading as a well-meaning corporation by passing off the attempt as a pursuit of medical breakthroughs, a lie Tagruato has spun to justify previous exploitation of poor countries and defenseless ecosystems).

What is even more shocking is the disregard malevolent company CEO Ganu Yoshida displayed in ordering the satellite to launch, overriding the abortion of the launch despite the terrible weather at the launchpad and the possible dangers that launching the satellite in such weather could have entailed. This recklessness is just another in a long list of examples of Yoshida disregarding rationality and cautiousness in favour of unethical, dangerous practices, following in the path of his 'gifting' of Slusho! to elderly people and to homeless animals for reasons that are far more suspect than those he tells the unwary public. What is next for this irrational man?

If Ganu Yoshida can disregard the safety of the elderly, animals, and even his own employees and financial interests (the latter being something we'd suspect the man to care about), what is to stop him from endangering others, perhaps even the everyday person on the street? Yoshida and Tagruato must be stopped, before they damage our Earth catastrophically and permanently.



Brett Hedger said...

The dillusional articles of your cohorts paint a foul picture of an otherwise socially responsible company. Ganu Yoshida is a visionary and deserves better treatment than your lunatic fringe. You should show a little more respect for a great man!

Insanekaosx said...

Yoshida is a DEMON! He has come to bring his dark vision of a grim future to truth!

However, I must say, Slusho! is DELICIOUS!

fleshbot said...
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James said...
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McPhearson said...

To destroy the ocean floor in hopes of making a profit is one thing; putting on a facade to make it seem like the whole thing is being done for the good of humanity, that's a completely different offense altogether.

Tagruato seems like a company more than willing to manipulate their customers, as long as it raises the value of their stock.

Slusho! Smilers... no wonder their smiling. They're picking the pockets of the American consumers, and no one, save for the few of us, are bothering to say anything.

Call me crazy, but I have a problem with that.

Chuck Forte said...

Ok James, YOUR CRAZY. Just like all the rest of you people.

You use the products developed, you drive cars, you use the wood to build your house and while sitting on your soap box, you make bizzare accusations and try to dominish an otherwise much needed company.