Saturday, November 24, 2007

Regarding the Thanksgiving Hack of

In case you were not aware, this Thanksgiving holiday saw the momentous hacking of the Tagruato website by somebody disgusted and concerned with the undeniably heinous damages Tagruato is inflicting on our oceans’ ecosystems.

However, in light of this event and in order to protect ourselves from any public blame or litigation doled out by Tagruato, we at The Effect are denying any responsibility for the hack committed on the Tagruato website this weekend. As members of The Effect, we are dedicated to revealing to the public the hard, disturbing truth about Tagruato’s deep-sea drilling activities and the actions of their subsidiaries – ParafFun, Slusho, Yoshida Medical Research, and Bold Futura. However, we do not intend, and have never intended, to commit illicit and subversive actions to convey our message, and have consistently opted to distance ourselves from the illegal actions of some of the more radical groups protesting against Tagruato’s environmental misconduct. No matter what manner of lies and slander Tagruato may throw our way, we are not responsible for this event, and have always conveyed our message via legitimate channels.

Tagruato will not stop in order to defame us and our cause by associating us – without base – with more illicit groups who share our aims and visions – to stop Tagruato’s deep-sea drilling and damaging of the deep-sea ecosystems. Do not let Tagruato’s deceitful methods detract from our message. They will deliberately attempt to divert your attention from their misconduct by painting us as the criminals, but keep steadfast in the knowledge that we are not what they say, and they are not what they say.