Monday, November 26, 2007

The Effect

We, The Effect, are a group concerned with the devastation of the earth's natural resources as perpetrated by large corporations who operate with impunity under the umbrella of globalization and sell the lie that the free market will regulate itself; resisting oversight by governmental and nongovernmental organization tooth and nail. We have fought before to raise awareness in regards to subjects like oil dumps and the merciless slaughter and destruction of marine mammals and their habitats. We have now focused our attention on stopping the Tagruato Corporation's destruction of the deep ocean habitat through their lawless deep sea drilling in international waters. Their sole purpose is to exploit this world's natural treasures for profit by introducing exotic and endangered species that are both unknown and untested for human consumption into the global food market. Our goal is to educate and warn a naïve public who may mistakenly assume their food is safe and be unaware of the true cost of its production.

Hiding behind the popularity of their main product, Slusho!, Tagruato has blatantly been violating natural and human laws without regret, remorse or consequence. While we are in the vanguard in exposing Tagruato's gluttonous corporate rape of our oceans, we are by no means alone. To lend to the sense of urgency, certain groups or individuals who know the true extent of Tagruato's secretive operations have responded extralawfully in an attempt to shed light on the true nature of Tagruato's excesses. While we do not condone their methods, we stand with them and will make every effort to shed the light of day on their hard work and the true nature of the extreme crisis--of which we can only guess at--that has caused them to resort to such extreme measures. We only know them as The Cause, and if they are listening, we are The Effect.


Anonymous said...

I agree! Tagruato has gone too far, and it is now time to take action! I say, we should round up all our forces and begin the destruction of Tagruato Corp.