Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Bold Futura Lures The Young and Impressionable

In this Investor's News Article, Bold Futura aka Reckless Future aka Tagruato taut their insidious plan to entice and indoctrinate the best and brightest of our youth into the service of their profit driven environmental and ethical apocalyptic dream. Is it the least bit worrying or suspicious that Tagruato would target the most promising young minds? Minds full of potential but whose ethical compasses are still in search of true north, and whose moral armor may prove more vulnerable to material and emotional temptations than that of their more mature peers? Take the words of one of their snotnose recruits as the answer.

"They offered me free reign to do whatever I want as long as the board approves and oversees it," said Hedberg at Futura's November press conference, "Plus I'll have comfort and security for a long, long time."
Clearly Tagruato is using their material wealth to corrupt the future's best and only hope. The human race's "Dream Team" is now playing for Tagruato, and in case it has escaped anyone's notice--the future that Tagruato is working toward is in league with the ugliest man has ever conceived.